National Association for the Blind - Karnataka


At NAB we groom and rehabilitate the visually challenged, preparing them for various employment opportunities depending on their educational background and aptitude. With access to different means of livelihood, they can lead a life of independence, confidence and dignity.

So if you are thinking of hiring or employing the visually challenged in any capacity, do get in touch with us.

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Career opportunities for the visually challenged

There are many livelihood opportunities for the visually challenged, depending on their education levels and their social situation.

1) For those with no formal educational background, there are opportunities for self-employment in the areas of animal husbandry, petty shop ownership/ management and vegetables/seasonal crops selling, cow and sheep rearing and other local entrepreneurial opportunities, especially for those living in rural areas. For those living in urban areas with no educational qualifications, there are opportunities in manufacturing units in the areas of:

  • Packing and folding (garment/ apparel industry)
  • Aluminium deburring (die-casting industry)
  • Machine loading and assembly operations

2) For those with minimal education levels living in rural or urban areas, the following areas offer scope for employment

  • Packing and folding (garment/ apparel industry)
  • Deburring in (aluminium die-casting industry)
  • Machine loading and assembly operations

3) For those with educational qualification of PUC and above, living in rural or urban areas, there are job opportunities in banks, insurance companies and other private, publicand government entities (KPSC, Railways, Insurance, Staff Selection Commission etc) in the areas of human resource management, office administration, telephone operation, etc.