National Association for the Blind - Karnataka

Rural Outreach Program

Our Rural Outreach programmes take our cause to the grassroot level, enabling the visually challenged in the rural segment, lead a life of independence and self-sustenance.

As part of our rural outreach initiatives, we have established taluk level centres and extended our reach to rural Karnataka.

Community Based Rehabilitation Program

We have established Taluk Level Centers and extended our reach into rural Karnataka. In collaboration with the local community, local NGOs and the local Panchayats, we have surveyed 551 villages and identified 706 visually impaired persons and 39 hearing impaired persons in our Taluka Level Centers. We help them apply for government provisions such as Disability ID cards, pensions and getting them registered in the local Panchayat. We then enroll them into our Foundation Course delivered in our Taluk Level Centers and provide them with the necessary, Life skills, Mobility training , vocational skills, self employment skills and help them establish self help groups/ Sanghas.

We also took up a new project called Anekal Taluk under Bangalore rural district. We are working towards adding a new Taluka Level Centre in Kundapur, Udupi district. We have been receiving good support and appreciation from the Zilla Panchayat and Taluka Panchayatsfor the commendable work done in identifying, training and Rehabilitation of the visually impaired persons by our Taluka centers.