National Association for the Blind - Karnataka

General Tips

For the visually impaired to be independent and become useful members of the society, would require understanding of some basic things, on the part of all. Here’s a look.

  1. Do not express pity. The blind resent pity. They however appreciate sympathy.
  2. It is helpful if you make yourself known when you address a blind person. If you do not know his name or cannot think of it and wish to address him, touch him lightly so that he knows he is being spoken to.
  3. Be very accurate when indicating directions to a blind person. Do not say left when you mean right. Tell him what is in his left or rLght. A mistake of this kind could cause very real inconvenience, or even a serious accident.
  4. When you are with him, tell him what you see, so that he may enjoy the scene also.
  5. After conversing wilth a blind person, let him know taht you are leaving. It can be most embarrassing if he addresses a remarks to someone who is no longer present.
  6. Don't avoid using words like 'see' and 'look' blind people use them quite comfortably so should you.
  7. When talking to blind people address them directly and not through a third person. Speak no more loudly than necessary, speak distinctly and direct your works to the blind person.
  8. At meal time, a blind person will appreciate knowing what food is being offered him. He should be provided with the necessary eating utensils and left to handle his own food unless tactful inquiry shows that he would aporeciate assistance. When drinks are being served, it is better not to fill the cup too full. A full cup is difficult to balance.
  9. Avoid too expression of amazement when a blind person performs many of the ordinary tnings of life. Remember that what is sometimes attributed to a sixth sense is often in reality the application of common sense. It is presumptuous to assume that you can fully appreciate what can after correct training be accomplished without sight.
  10. In the street if you have had the bad luck to be snubbed by an ungracious blind person don't avoid the next blind person you come across. Ask if you can help.
  11. Indoors Do not worry too much about delicate furniture ornaments. Most blind persons move about without leaving a trail of destruction behind team.
  12. when accompanying a blind person into a room unfamiliar to him never leave him standing alone in the middle of the floor. Escort him to seat or place his hand on a 'point or reference' such as a wall or a table.