National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch

The National Association For The Blind, Karnataka
Job Description
Job Title:Counselor / Life Coach Job Category:Part Time
Department:South Karnataka Region (SKR) or State Capital Region (SCR)Location:Karnataka
Grade/Salary Range:-Position Type:Position Type (i.e.: full-time, part-time, job share, contract, intern)
Travel Required:YesReporting To:Governing Council Members
HR Contact:executivehr@nabkarnataka.orgDate Posted:MM/DD/YYYY
Will Train Applicant(s):YesPosting Expires:MM/DD/YYYY

Role and Responsibilities

  • We foresee a greater need for counseling for motivating the visually impaired, and inspire them to challenge their disability and venture into skillful professions like teaching, law, administrative services and more.
  • There is a need for counseling and motivating the parents and guardians of disabled children and bring them to the belief that these children are as capable as other children in the society.
  • We also see a need for counseling to overcome depression which is observed when a couple gives birth to a disabled child.
  • Counseling is needed for blind students and other disabled also in the area of higher education, vocational training, awareness about available scholarships and government concessions in the field of education.
  • Counseling is also needed to educated blinds and other disabled in the areas such as :
    • Employment opportunities,
    • Provisions made by the government in different fields of work,
    • Self employment,
    • Sources of finance in the area of self employment,
    • Concessions offered by government in variety of tenders for disabled, and,
    • Any other amendment or provision brought or enacted by government affecting the area of employment opportunities for disabled.
  • There is a need for counseling entrepreneurs and HR managers in the corporate sector as they have huge reluctance when it comes to employing a visually challenged person in their premises. In fact, lot of effort and hard work is required to inculcate a sense of social responsibility in the corporate sector. It needs to be proven and convinced that charity alone cannot achieve social goals. What is most important, is creating and giving opportunities to the less fortunate members of the society, and giving them a level playing field. Lot of hard work is still needed to inject confidence in the decision making authorities in the corporate sector, that a person with no or low vision in the eyes can be equally efficient and competent. In fact, if given proper opportunity, he may pose a challenge to many on grounds of efficiency and intelligence in the same work area.
  • Today, less than 1 percent of the corporate sector has shown the readiness to own the responsibility of employing disabled and creating a level playing field for them. And, even when employment is provided, there is lot of doubt and hesitation when it comes to giving bigger assignments or responsibilities.
  • Our observations reveal that there is hardly any work done in the area of creating level playing field for disabled, which can be most vital and instrumental in achieving our supreme goal, ‘Life to Disabled with Self Esteem and Dignity’.

  • Qualifications and Education Requirements
  • Bachelors required, prefer master degree


  • 5+ years of experience in relevant field
  • Preferred Skills

  • Dynamic and flexible; flexibility and ability to work in a changing environment
  • Listen to the needs of the people they serve
  • Being able to promote teamwork
  • Good communication skills
  • Must be able to work within a cross cultural setting