March 10, 2024

Graduation of the 323rd Batch of Mobility Trainees

323rd Graduation Ceremony on 6th January 2024 at NAB-K was a significant moment as 11 visually impaired individuals completed the Mobility Training Program. 3 trainers also completed the 11th Train the Trainer Program.  The hall was filled with excitement and pride when each graduate’s name was announced, accompanied by applause. The white canes they now held symbolized newfound independence.

A special event was organised with Guests,  NAB Governing Council, Managers, Staff, and beloved students of the Mobility Training of the 323rd Team. This training, from November 16, 2023, to January 6, 2024, involved 16 dedicated students, from places like Belgaum, Vijayapur, Bangalore, Orissa, Hassan, and Mysore. The aim of this training was to help them move independently and safely using a white cane, learning indoor and outdoor manoeuvres.

Yanni Datuwa, (student), said that she learned to navigate independently and go various places without assitancce. The students were taught safe travel on public transport, seeking help when needed, and making solo trips to places like KFC Indiranagar etc. The training instilled courage and self-confidence, enabling to visit their home town on their own.

Daily life skills were taught, including using toilet, washing and ironing clothes, counting money, recognizing coins, and basic cooking. Home Science was introduced and the students learned to cook and make coffee/tea safely.

Students received instruction on the U-Read device, reading few languages, and identification of coins and notes.

TOT trainer Ms. Chandana Baliar singh, from Orissa and working at Jyothi Seva School & home for the blind expressed her  gratitude to NABK staffs and other trainers who helped her complete the Train the trainer program successfully at NABK.

The celebration wasn’t just about personal achievements; it highlighted the positive impact of the Train the Trainers Program. 3 graduates pledged to contribute to a brighter future, with valuable insights from guest speakers. Emotional testimonials from guardians underscored the transformative journey, helping individuals overcome fear and gain confidence. The ceremony concluded with shared happiness and dreams during meal.

Mr. Gopal Padmanaban, GC members said that he is associated with NABK since 45 year, he is very happy with the growth of NAB and encouraged the trainees to also stay motivated in the face of hurdles and never allow it to dampen their resolve. Mr. Krishore Govinde, GC members encouraged the students to continue their efforts and practice what they learned at NABK. The 323rd Graduation Ceremony signified a fresh beginning, resonating with determination, commitment, and support from NAB-K. It represented a bright dawn as graduates embarked on a journey of self-discovery, carrying valuable lessons and a steadfast belief in their abilities. Their story serves as a guiding light for those aspiring to a life filled with dignity and independence.

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