August 18, 2023

Development of Assistive Device for the Blind

The project coordinator,  Professor Dr. Megha Arakeri and students team from M. S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore developed assistive device for the blind in collaboration with NAB. This project is funded by EPICS in IEEE. The developed device is portable and low cost wearable device that can serve as reading and navigation aid for the visually impaired/blind. It can read out the English text from book, magazine, newspaper and boards in regional language of user’s choice. The device helps the user to read in any location, lighting conditions and alignments. The device also assists the blind person in navigation by enumerating various objects in his surrounding and also notifies him the distance to the nearest object. The assistive device works both in offline and online modes.

The project team visited NAB, Bangalore several times to discuss about the project with faculty to understand the requirements for the development of the device. Presently, the team has successfully completed the development of the device. Faculty and students of NAB were trained by the IEEE team on how to operate the device. Students and faculty of NAB tested the device for its usage and it was found that the device is light weight, portable, cost-effective and supports useful functionalities compared to the one available in the market. Now, the developed devices will be handed over to NAB through outreach program.