National Association for the Blind - Karnataka


No matter what you do and at what stage of life you are in, there are always opportunities for you to reach out and do your own bit for the society. NAB offers many such opportunities for you, by which you can be part of what we do for the visually challenged and help us achieve more.

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Meanwhile, here are some options by which you can make a difference at NAB.


Our donors have consistently supported us in our mission to reach out to the visually challenged. Their belief in our vision has motivated us to aim high. We need more such committed individuals to take our cause further and achieve more for the benefit of the visually challenged.

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It is thanks to the many unknown men and women who selflessly reach out to do their bit that many meaningful changes happen in society. At NAB we are thankful to our many volunteers who come forward to help us with our services for the visually challenged.

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Become a Life Member

One of the ways by which you can be a consistent part of all that we do and also contribute towards our plans and initiatives for the blind is by becoming a Life Member at NAB.

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Our Programmes

Our programmes for the visually challenged and their families include a variety of skills sets, all aimed at making the blind self-reliant, confident and employable. They range from basic rehabilitation, daily living skills and mobility, to advanced computer skills, communication and industrial training. Your support will help us expand the bandwidth of our training programmes.

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Rural outreach

In collaboration with the local community, local NGOs and the local Panchayat, we survey villages and identify visually impaired persons. Our whole idea is to give them the support system to earn their livelihood and be independent.

Your help will enable us to reach more such places and people.

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