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Life Membership @ NAB-K

So glad to hear that you are interested in becoming a life member at NAB-K. As a Life Member, you can be closely involved in all our activities and new initiatives for the visually challenged and also stay informed on all that’s happening at our end. Do stay in touch. Also stay updated on all our latest activities and initiatives.

Note: Please download and fill the membership form and post it to our NAB-K office with with your signature and cheque enclosed. We shall review your submission at our next general council meeting and get back to you.

Please find below our postal address.
The National Association for the Blind, Karnataka Branch
CA Site No. 4, NAB Road, Jeevan Bhima nagar
Bangalore - 560075, Karnataka, India

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Latest @ NAB-K

Graduation Ceremony held at NAB-K Bangalore campus on March 31 st , 2018.
As part of our initiatives, we also plan to organize events that will bring together people, ideas, talent and more.

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Our Programmes

Our programmes for the visually challenged and their families include a variety of skills sets, all aimed at making the blind self-reliant, confident and employable. They range from basic rehabilitation, daily living skills and mobility, to advanced computer skills, communication and industrial training. Your support will help us expand the bandwidth of our training programmes.

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Our donors have consistently supported us in our mission to reach out to the visually challenged. Their belief in our vision has motivated us to aim high. We need more such committed individuals to take our cause further and achieve more for the benefit of the visually challenged.

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It is thanks to the many unknown men and women who selflessly reach out to do their bit that many meaningful changes happen in society. At NAB we are thankful to our many volunteers who come forward to help us with our services for the visually challenged.

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Our Rural Outreach Program

In collaboration with the local community, local NGOs and the local Panchayat, we survey villages and identify visually impaired persons. Our whole idea is to give them the support system to earn their livelihood and be independent. Your help will enable us to reach more such places and people.

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Our Annual Report
Stay engaged with us. Check out our latest annual report to know all that has been happening at our end -- our new milestones, plans and more.

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Life MemberSpeak - Testimonials

"My father was the founder director of the Mysore training centre and after he passed away I have continued the association. In any kind of association with a social cause, everything depends on how one relates to it and how the other person reciprocates it. In the case of NAB, many of my family members have been involved with it and I have had a long and close association with it. So I have seen it grow over the years. Once in Bangalore I saw a visually challenged person cross the road and when I talked to him, he told me that he had received training at the NAB, Mysore. So it felt good to see that the organization was making a difference to people's lives. I just want the NAB work to be more visible so people are made aware about it"

- Narasimha Prasad, Chartered Accountant, UB Group, Bangalore

"I always wanted to do something for others and I think the visually challenged in particular need more support. Over 30 years ago my bank was already associated with the NAB and personally even I wanted to be part of it and that's how I got involved. Over the years I used to get updated on all that was happening at the NAB and I was very happy to see that it was doing a lot of good things."

- Balram, Retired Bank Officer

"I strongly feel that visually disabled persons more than anyone else need the strongest support both, in terms of rehabilitation and general motivation. I have been associated with NAB over the years and have been fortunate to spend time with the students from time to time. I think NAB is a well-established organization that responds well to initiatives or volunteers. I have had the good fortune to have organized a few events for the students to showcase their talent with NAB's help. NAB can reach out more proactively to individuals and organizations both for financial support and employment opportunities by organizing events in organizations and residential colonies to showcase talent, highlight needs and seek support."

- Venugopal Koka

"We have been associated with the NAB -Karnataka for over 25 years now and it is part of our focus on the cause of the disabled. When we look at all the programmes that Rotary is involved with, the NAB programmes are the ones for which maximum number of Rotarians are usually present. That itself says a lot."

- Narendra Babu, Businessman, President - Rotary Club, Mid-Town, Mysore

"Before starting any project we do a study on the requirements and accordingly set targets. As far as NAB Karnataka is concerned, our expectations have certainly been met. They are making good progress with respect to their plans of helping the visually challenged."

- Kishore Govind, CFO and Company Secretary, San Engineering

"It is very satisfying for us to see the work that NAB is doing."

- Manjunath - Hydroline