National Association for the Blind

NAB-K is a one-of-a-kind organization with unique infrastructure in Bangalore and supplemental units in Mysore, and rural areas. NAB-K’s wide-ranging projects (screening camps, eye camps, surgery, medicines and more) extend to the rural interiors of Karnataka.

NAB-K’s mission is to champion the cause of the visually challenged in Karnataka and enable them to live their lives confidently, independently and with dignity through economic rehabilitation. Keeping this goal in mind, the Association positions itself as a trainer and grooms visually challenged citizens ready to take up a host of jobs in different industries.

Our services for the visually challenged include training programmes that equip them with confidence, self-reliance and the skills necessary to earn a livelihood. We thus train them in mobility, computer skills, communication and soft skills, Braille reading and writing, competitive exam preparation, etc.
NAB-K is overseen by a Governing Council and Managing Committee, whose members comprise ex-students who have been absorbed into the training system. Partially funded by the Karnataka Government and the Central Government, NAB – K is funded through donations from members of the public and the private and public sectors. Donations are exempt from tax under Section 80G or 35AC of the Income Tax Act of 1961.

Our Vision

Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya
To lead the visually challenged persons from darkness to light

Our Mission

Make the visually challenged equal members of society.

Our Goals

  • To make visually challenged self reliant in mobility
  • Basic education to visually challenged
  • Training in vocational skills
  • Vocational skill training to educated visually challenged
  • Training visually challenged in technical skills
  • Training visually challenged in Information Technology
  • Rehabilitation of visually challenged in rural areas in Karnataka
  • Assist visually challenged in seeking/ getting suitable earning opportunities

Our Partners

Our Achievements

NAB-K is proud to be the recipient of the NAB-ITCB Best Institution in Karnataka from the Government of Karnataka and Best Instructor Award (Smt. Shobha) in 2017. We have also increased the number of Visually impaired beneficiaries served by NAB-K from 300 in 2016-2017 to 400 in 2017-2018.