National Association for Blind, Karnataka Branch

Engaging in social responsibility and community development is becoming increasingly important for businesses today. NAB-K offers a variety of ways for businesses to get involved, whether they want to contribute to a cause or motivate their employees to be more socially engaged. Businesses that get involved in social responsibility and community development can make a real difference in the lives of others, and they can also benefit their own bottom line.

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Volunteers Speak - Testimonials

Here are some options by which you can make a difference at NAB-K.


Our donors have enabled us to reach out to the visually challenged because they believe in our vision and help us realize it. As an organization you could help us do more by supporting us in our cause through donations or engaging in sponsorships. These could go towards our various training/rehabilitation programmes, our rural community development initiatives or the other new projects and activities that we plan for the benefit of the visually challenged.


Volunteering at NAB-K can be a fulfilling experience, as many of our volunteers have shared in their testimonials. NAB-K regularly welcomes volunteers from corporates who get involved in our various training programmes and other activities for the visually impaired. As a corporate you could encourage your staff members to be part of the NAB-K volunteering activities, which may also be in line with your CSR vision and objectives.

Support our Programmes

Our programmes for the visually challenged and their families include a variety of skills sets, all aimed at making the blind self-reliant, confident and employable. They range from basic rehabilitation, daily living skills and mobility, to advanced computer skills, communication and industrial training. Your support will help us expand the bandwidth of our training programmes.

Employ the Blind

Thinking of making your workforce more integrated? Through NAB-K you can create employment opportunities for the visually challenged and have an inclusive work environment.

Rural outreach

In collaboration with the local community, local NGOs and the local Panchayat, we survey villages and identify visually impaired persons. Our whole idea is to give them the support system to earn their livelihood and be independent. Your help will enable us to reach more such places and people.